Day Fifteen : Week Three


But seriously. WHY?!

So its been a rough week. My grandfather passed away on friday and I just haven’t really felt up to much of anything since then – blogging included. For the most part I stayed true to this detox, but I wont lie…I did cheat a few times. (ie – one breadstick at the olive garden and some croutons. Maybe one chocolate…)

Either way, I’m down a total of 7 pounds as of this morning. Yay.

I’ve been walking everyday, except for today, as today we buried my grandfather. Ugh.

Yesterday was really tough. I wanted to kill myself trying to maintain this way of eating. I could have gone for anything carb related. Or even an apple. (Seriously, WHY can’t I eat apples?! Is my six weeks up yet? >.< )

I may have already talked about this, but its worth talking about again just in case. I was watching the Miss. America Pageant and I watched the special that 20/20 had right before and seriously felt so good knowing that other women in the world are on super strict diets and its not super easy for them to be as thin as they are.

My husband made a good point a little while ago. He pointed out the fact that most thin girls say that they never work out and they eat whatever they want. Like, almost ALL of them do this. Its like they dont want to take credit for eating right and exercising. At first I thought he was on crack, but then I realized its SO true! What the heck! Why on earth would women not take credit for KILLING themselves over eating the right foods/portions?!

I know one thing is for sure, when I get my weight down – Imma be braggin’ like no tomorrow about how hard I worked!

Okay so this is SUPER cheesy…but this new Toyota Avalon commercial really resonated with me. It was like they made a commercial with the car as a metaphor for what I’m doing and the changes I am making.

Its really beautiful, actually.

Anyways, about my grandpa being buried today…I’ll be okay. As I said on my facebook status today, “I rejoice for the day and I am glad in it. Excited envy for where he is replaces my tears. I see his sweet and smiley face with those who have waited for him on Heaven’s shore and I am reminded that this is not the end for him. It is only the beginning. He is finally home.”

My faith sustains me.


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